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 Did getting your tattoo hurt?

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Did getting your tattoo hurt? Empty
PostSubject: Did getting your tattoo hurt?   Did getting your tattoo hurt? EmptyWed Nov 24, 2010 7:21 am

I'm getting my first tattoo in a couple of weeks and I'm a little worried about what to expect. Now, I've spoken to a lot of people and all of them have said it doesn't hurt, it's just hot, it's like a little scratch or just an irritation. Not one person has said it hurt them and I think it's because they don't want to put me off.
It's going to be on the inside of my wrist and will be three different colours. I've shared it with a few of you but I'm keeping it to myself until it's on my skin!

Tell me the truth branded GF'ers! I can handle it.
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Did getting your tattoo hurt?
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