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 Human Resource Management

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PostSubject: Human Resource Management   Human Resource Management EmptyMon Nov 28, 2011 10:20 pm

Hi guys. Do you have any suggestions on a nice Vacation Tracking software? We want a software that really help us manage our Vacation Accrual, Vacation tracker. Right now we are using the system called "vacationtrackingsoftware.org”.
We want something better. A software that can be used offline and could be integrated to Project / Absentee management software. A some kind of Leave tracking Software.vacationtrackingsoftware.org is good but it does NOT have an amazing Time tracking application. In addition, their system is very straight forward . We need a very complex software. In addition, i need to burn our budget by the end of the year. This vacationtrackingsoftware.org are too cheap Sad
It doesn’t have offline running feature, you must have to be always online for using this software.
vacation track software
attendance software
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Human Resource Management
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